The North America Prosperity Association is a US 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We support productive initiatives through micro-lending, loan guarantees and in some particular cases through direct donations and grants. We focus our efforts on the most impoverished sectors in Mexico willing to demonstrate entrepreneurial ability, the desire to get out of poverty, and a strong commitment to improve their living conditions through their own efforts.
We invite you to take a closer look at the initiatives we are currently supporting. In addition to actively engaging in micro-lending efforts for the poor in Mexico, we provide economic and development counseling for the economic integration of the North America region.
Help & Support
You are welcome to make donations through this website or mail your contributions to PO Box 2696 Huntington Park, CA 90255. Checks payable to “NAPA”. All your contributions are tax deductible.  
Please join us in our efforts to provide assistance to those in need in Mexico. We organize groups and networks for volunteers and leaders of the civil society to assist with different causes that require immediate attention and support.

Last Cause List

Raised: $0,00 Goal: $1.225,00

Hair Salon Zapotitlan

The Story of Julia. In the Mexican town of Zapotitlan

Raised: $0,00 Goal: $1.390,00

Local Store Zapotitlan

The Story of Maria Elena.  Maria Elena is a 46 years

Raised: $0,00 Goal: $920,00

Production of Tortillas.

The story of Margarita Margarita is a single mother of

Raised: $0,00 Goal: $1.225,00

Raising Backyard Chickens

The Story of Mrs. Perez Mrs Perez is a mother of three.


Joel Cuevas Board of Directors.

Through micro-lending we help families help themselves. Often times a small loan is all it takes for a family to begin the road to get out of poverty.

Sergio David Rodriguez Volunteer Services Mexico

We may not be able to help everyone in this world, but for those we do help. They always thank us with a sweet smile for having made a huge difference in their lives.

Ricardo Duran Volunteer Aguascalientes

I love serving as a volunteer with the North America Prosperity Association. It makes me happy to know I am contributing to help people come out of poverty through their own efforts. 

Katia Potocnjak Contributor

We are a small group of volunteers who believe love can conquer all, and what better way to help, than by helping people become productive in society and engage in their own trade and business. This is very exciting stuff.